It’s time to say the right stuff.

Hi! I’m brian. a One man show.

Helping businesses communicate is the “nut-shell” of what LoopJolt is all about. The goodness inside is built on helping you uncover the problems you solve, the success you want for your customers, how to tie it up with a bow that helps them take action.

When it comes to your business no one knows more about it than you. You know your product, you’re offering, and your clients better than anyone. Chances are, when you’re asked “what do you do?“, you share a quick answer and expect people to understand.

The problem is, they don’t. They say “oh cool!” and try to ask you a couple questions to get a clear picture.

What if there was a better way? What if you gave them clarity and in return, they gave you business? That’s the magic of messaging and that’s what I’m here to help do for your business.

I’m a StoryBrand certified copywriter based in Nashville, TN and I’m ready to help whether you’re local or international. Let’s make something happen. 

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“Brian was a hot knife through butter for me. My head had a thousand ideas and an equal amount of excuses but he provided direction and clarity that I haven’t experienced from anyone else.”

– Stephen


I write for any company that needs help saying the right stuff. I’ve worked with coaches getting their business off the ground to $50mil+ recruiting companies looking to double their revenue. Any business looking to clear up their communication is a client I want to work with. 

Ready to get started? All you have to do is schedule a call.